ResBook has introduced a brand new calendar for viewing and managing your bookings.

This new calendar functions mostly the same as the old calendar does with a few cosmetic changes and inclusion of new features.

Fixed Calendar Heading

The first change has been to fix the calendar bar across the top of your screen. This means that as you scroll down the page the calendar will stay with you all the time making it easy to view dates alongside bookings.

Easily Identified Arrivals and Departures

One of the significant changes is the re-positioning of a booking by highlighting half the date of arrival and half the date of departure. At a glance you can now see which date a guest is arriving and which date they're departing.   

New Booking Signals

The new calendar now uses icons to indicate various important signals relating to a booking. These are summarized as follow. 

This icon indicates that there is an alert attached to the booking
This icon shows that the stock unit is a virtual unit or that part of a booking is booked in a virtual unit
This icon indicates that a wait-listed booking is behind the active booking
This icon is used to show that the booking has come through an agent

Example new calendar design

Booking Info Window 

This has been updated to include a lot more information about your booking without having to actually open the booking.

It includes booking details, booking value, any services applied, any wait-listed bookings and important notes. In addition, a new 'Guest Details' button allows you to quickly view contact details for your guest.


Mobile Improvements

While ResBook itself is not intended to be used on a mobile phone, the new calendar is functional and does allow you to view booking details, guest information and tap to call phone numbers. The calendar does work perfectly well on tablet devices in landscape orientation. 

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