This article describes the display and functionality of the old calendar. The old ResBook calendar is simpler in design and does not include some of the features that the new calendar does.

Booking Signals

The old calendar contains several visual indicators to identify different types of Bookings. These are summarized as follows:

This yellow line indicates a waitlisted booking is behind the active booking.
This red line indicates that the booking has an alert attached to it.
The grey colour represents a virtual stock unit or suggests part of a booking is booked in a virtual unit.
These slashed lines indicate that the booking has come through an agent.

Example of the old calendar design:

Booking Info Window

If you hover over a booking, you will be presented with a pop-up.


On the pop-up, you will be provided with information including the Booking ID, Guest Name, Arrival & Departure Dates, Number of Days, Booking Total and Services.

Also, if the booking was made by an Agent, the Agent's name will appear on this pop up as well. If there are waitlisted bookings, they will also appear here too.

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