We have created a new booking status called "Unconfirmed" besides the 3 statuses we have currently on the calendar. You can amend the colour under Settings > System settings > Calendar settings

Unconfirmed bookings refer to the previous temporary bookings - interference during the credit card verification process whilst guest(s) make a booking from your website.

Important elements:

- Unconfirmed bookings will block out availability on the front-end by default until an action has been made (change status) to avoid double bookings. If you decide to leave the dates as available, you can go to Settings > System Settings > Calendar Settings >

- You can change the status manually on the booking form when opening the booking

- You can find the list of 'Unconfirmed bookings' under Bookings > Unconfirmed bookings

- You will receive a notification in the notification section

- You will be inform by email that an unconfirmed booking occurred (if availablity on front-end is not blocked out, the end of the email will say "Until you update this booking, the room(s) included will show as available".

Reasons for Unconfirmed bookings:
- A bad connection

- Time-out errors

- A breakdown in system communication between DPS payment gateway and ResBook such as:

  1. if the credit card details entered is incorrect.
  2. if the card was not a valid card type.
  3. if the credit card transaction has yet to be approved by their bank.
  4. the customer's credit card issuing merchant bank had not immediately approved the credit card transaction and this has caused a delay in the booking being confirmed in ResBook.

Important note: This is a release for the new calendar only. If you still use the old calendar, please remember to check your 'Unconfirmed bookings' in the report under the 'Bookings' tab.