1. Login to your website CMS by using the Login and Password provided to you
  2. When logged in, scroll the left sidebar until you see Advanced
  3. Click on "Quicklinks"
  4. You will see the list of existing Quicklinks (if you have created any)
  5. You can either click on the existing Quicklink to edit it or click "+ New" button to create a new Quicklink
  6. Once opening a Quicklinkyou will need to:
    • Fill out the CMS label
    • Give the quick link a title that will appear on the front end of the website
    • Select an image to appear on the quick link or else without an image, only a large grey square will appear.  
    • Fill out the alternative text for the image, this is important. This is a small description of what the image is and informs google of how to identify the image. 
    • Select a destination page that the quick link is redirected you to once users click on the "discover more" or " Learn more" button e.g. activities page.  
    • By adding an external link means that someone can click on the quick link button and it will take them to an external website (google for example). A button can also be added to the quick link an example of the button text could be “find out more” or “know more”.
    • Lastly in the description box you can add a short description to the quick link.  


Once completed click save at the top. You will then need to go into the specific page that you want to add the quick link to so it will appear. Remember to tick the box and publish. 


Please also refer to our recording of "Creating quicklinks" below: