1. Login to your website CMS by using the Login and Password provided to you 
  2. When logged in, scroll the left sidebar until you see General
  3. Click on "Social media accounts" 
  4. You will see the list of existing social media accounts (if you have created any)
  5. You can either click on an existing social media account to edit it or click "+ New" button to add a new hero banner
  6. In the social media module fill in: 
    • Name: Name of the social media account that you're adding e.g. Facebook etc. 
    • URL: Copy and paste the URL of your social media account into this field
    • Title: Enter the social media account name in the title field here r.g. facebook etc. 
    • Icon: Click on the grey box as shown in the image below: 
    • Select the icon that best suits the social media account e.g. if you are adding your Facebook account, select the Facebook icon.
    • Icon image: If you do not like any of the icons in the drop-down (as shown in the image above) you can upload an image of the icon that you prefer by clicking "browse" your file manager wi;; open and you can upload a new logo.
  7. Once completed click save and remember to publish it so it appears on the front end.

Please also refer to our recording of "Adding Social media to your website" below: