To create a Blog post please follow the steps below:

1. Login to your website CMS by using the Login and Password provided to you

2. When logged in, scroll the left sidebar until you see Blog

3. Click on Posts

4. You will see the list of existing Blog Posts (if you have any created)

5. You can either click on existing Post to edit it or click "+ New" button to create a new Post

6. First tab that you would need to fill in is Settings

Heading - the name of the Blog post

- URL - what will show on the link of the website when user clicks on this blog

- Author - the name of the website admin who added this blog post to the website

- Posted on - the date this blog post was written on

- Is Featured - if this box it ticked this Blog Post will show in the Featured Blog Posts carousel

- Hero Banner - select a Hero Banner to be attached to this posts' page

- Image - the image that will be shown on the blog posts page

- Image Alt Text - alternative text that appears if the users browser couldn't load the image properly and allows Google to crawl the webpage more efficiently

- Introduction - text that will show on the top of the post page after the Heading

- Short Description - text that shows on the Blog page next to the Image

7. To add content to the Blog Post click on Content tab. Here you can add your Blog Post text.

8. To attach the Post to a Category click on the Categories Tab. Select the required Category by clicking the tick box next to the category name

9.  Click on the SEO tab and fill in Meta data 

10. You can also attach Quicklinks to the Posts' page by going to Quicklinks tab

11. When you finished editing your Blog Post click Save

12. All new Posts will be first Hidden. To publish it select the Tick Box next to the post name and click Publish