If you need to update the URL of your page (for example, you want to change your 'Events' page to be called 'Weddings', then you should create a redirect, to allow the old URL to forward to the new URL. This ensures any pages indexed with Google can still be accessed, rather than going to a 404 page.

Go to your Redirects module

Click the 'NEW' button

  1. Copy the old page URL
  2. Paste the old product page URL under Old URL
  3. Copy the new URL you just created for your page and paste it under New URL.
  4. Select the status code as 301 (This means it is a permanent redirect)

Click Save

Then Tick and Publish so your redirect is activated

Don't forget to test it out afterwards to make sure its working correctly! When you type in the old URL it should automatically take you to the new page