You can add categories to your blog to help readers easily locate the content they want. Categories are usually displayed on the right hand side of your blog landing page underneath your recent posts and archive (although this might be differ depending on the design of your website).


Click your 'Blog Categories' module

Click the 'New' button at the top to create a new category

Fill in the following fields in the 'Details Tab':

  • Enter a category title in the Heading field
  • Enter a category title in the Name field (name in the CMS).
  • Enter a category title in the Menu Label field (appears in the category section on the blog page and as the heading of the page)
  • Enter a category title in the  URL field (appears in the URL of the page)

(HINT) - You can copy and paste the same title across all 4 fields)

fClick the 'Meta Data' tab, and fill in the following fields:

See our article on meta-data here

Click Save.

  • (Optional) After creating your categories, you can click into the box next to the categories to add a rank which will adjust the order they appear on the website. Click 'Save Rank'

When you're ready to publish your blog categories, tick the box on the left hand side and click the 'publish' button

The next step is to create a blog post and select your new category to attach them to!