To set up Credit Card surcharge a specific set up needs to be completed in both Services and Accounting and Financial part of ResBook. .

Step 1) Credit card surcharge set up in Services

Go to ResBook > Settings > Stock Configurations > Services. If you do not have the module Services please contact

Please see the image below: 

When you click on the services module, it will give you options to fill out the fields that need to be filled out before continuing.

Please remember to fill out all of it before saving the settings.

Please see the image below:

Once you have created the service click on Add. Once you click on Add it will give you a warning Sign next to the Service you created.

Please see the image below:

You will need to click on the Blue Title Credit Card Surcharge. This will open another window. Here you will need to select the rate period you will like the Credit Card Surcharge to apply too.

Please remember to always select the rates that service applies to. If the Credit Surcharge is not connected to a rate period it will not apply it.

Please see the image below:

Please tick all the Rate Periods that you would like the Credit Card surcharge to apply and click Save.

Step 2) Credit card surcharge set up in Accounting and Financial

Once this is done you will then need to go to Accounting and Financial and finalize the set up..

ResBook > Settings > System Settings > Accounting and financial is where you will need to apply the Surcharge and select the Credit Card Surcharge Service.

Please see the images below:

Once you have hit save this should get ResBook to automatically update the CC surcharge in to a payment that is being charged via Respay in ResBook.