ResBook has several Financial reports that you can generate within the platform. One of these reports is the Occupancy Monthly Summary Report. Here you can display  and overview of Occupancy Levels within a chosen date range for All properties and individually for each property.

To view the Occupancy Monthly Summary report, go to 'ResBook > Reports > Financial Reports > Occupancy Monthly Summary'.

Once the Occupancy Monthly Summary report has opened, just simply adjust the dates to your choosing to bring up the entries you want.

You will be able to view:

  • All properties and Individualy properties
  • Months (within the date range)
  • Occupied nights
  • Available nights
  • % Occupancy

Booking taken in count:

  • Confirmed bookings
  • Physical stock units only

You can Export the data into a csv file and adjust the reporting format to your liking. Once in Microsoft Excel, the report can be printed.

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