Upload pictures for your property and all your different room types. It is really important to upload pictures of room types first and then pictures of the property, such as reception, pool,  etc., otherwise, your hero shot will be the same for all your Airbnb listings. High-resolution photos look best, we recommend 4200 x 2700 px @300dpi. Do not put watermarks, logos or text on top of your images.    

● Room Type: minimum 7 pictures including at least 1 picture of the bathroom   

Please note, your pictures’ name (generally a file name) will be displayed on Airbnb as a caption so make sure to replace all your pictures’ names with a relevant caption before uploading them to ResBook.    

To upload your photos, go to Settings > Photo Gallery > Room > [select a stock unit]

On top of that, if an individual Airbnb listing is active and set to full sync with ResBook, an "Airbnb" option to manage Airbnb photos will show. This is where properties can manage Airbnb listing photos for those listings that have already been set up and synced.

When activating a listing for the first time, ResBook will still use the ResBook photo gallery to create the listing, however, after that images showing on Airbnb can be managed via the Airbnb photo section described above (as long as the listing is set to full sync).

The functionality is listed below:

  • Users can now delete and upload photos directly to Airbnb.
  • Users can now alter the order their photos shown in the gallery on Airbnb. Ordering updates will automatically amend all photos to set them in their new order. For Example, changing the order of photo 3 to rank 1, will also cause the previous photo ordered 1 to become rank 2 and the previous photo 2 to become the new rank 3.
  • Users can now add captions to their Airbnb photos.
  • Everything saves as you edit it.
  • The gallery section will limit you to 7 photos minimum, this is to prevent Airbnb unlisting those listings that have under 7 photos. If you wish to delete a photo and only have 7, upload the new one and then delete the one you want.

NOTE: Once you have made the changes, Force update via ResBook > Settings > Portals > Airbnb > Force update

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