In Airbnb (Steps 7 - 9)

Finalize the connection and publish the listing

As soon as your listings have been approved, you will receive an email from Airbnb prompting you to log into Airbnb to review and publish your listings. Do not publish the listings yet!

If your listing has been rejected the below article will assist you: 

Step 7) Merge Listings 

Go to your Listings page on Airbnb and click on the ‘ResBook Sync’ button. If you have existing Airbnb listings, please note it is normal to see duplicate listings appearing. Simply follow steps below to remove duplicates (by merging your listings).

Step 8) Choose sync type 

Before pressing the publish button you will have the ability to switch your sync setting  from ‘Everything sync’ (everything is managed via ResBook including rates availability, descriptions, photos, and content) to ‘Limited sync’ (ResBook only updates rates and  availability; content including descriptions, photos needs to be edited in Airbnb). This is necessary so you do not loos booking history and reviews for this listing

Step 9) Publish the listing

Click Publish. Follow the same process for any remaining listings.