Did you hear about ResBook and want to try it out? Sign Up for a 14 days Free trial and use Setup Wizard to get started! 

You will get a taste of our ResBook Essentials Package with a choice of Booking.com or Airbnb direct connections. Other Modules can be added to your trial on request. If you decide to keep them after the trial period, these add-ons may incur an additional fee. 

There are two types of setups which must be completed to utilise all that ResBook has to offer: 

First, you can complete the BASIC setup which is done via Setup Wizard, and allows you to:


You can also explore the ADVANCED setup options via the Settings menu allowing you to:



Head over to Youtube to check out the training videos to have a better understanding of the system. These videos are also supported by the many articles found in our Support section.

Please note: Some modules can be activated only on the live account, and will not function on the demo account.