To access the 'Accounting and Financial' settings, click on Settings (the gear icon), then select [System Settings]  and find [Accounting and Financial].

Each Accounting and Financial Setting has been outlined below:

Accounting and Financial SettingDetails
Financial Year begins
Here you must enter when your fiscal year begins. This is the date when you start earning revenue.
Choose the currency you would like to accept payments in.
Deposit Required
State the amount you require from the guest as a deposit, this may be based on a percentage of the total, a percentage of a day,  a fixed amount or a weekly amount.
Deposit Due
State when you would like the deposit to be paid, whether that be at the time of booking, upon arrival, or a set number of days prior to arrival.
  • Enter a number if balance is due several days prior to arrival
  • Enter ‘0’ for balance payable on arrival
  • Enter ‘negative 1’ if you charge the balance at departure

You can also charge 100% if the booking date is within x days of arrival - You can tick this option and define the number of days.

Allow Pay in full discount
If a guest would like to pay the full amount owing in full then you can decide if you will offer a discount.
Terms & Conditions
State any terms and conditions you would like to include.
Balance due
State the number of days prior to arrival you would like the remaining balance to be due.
Tax Code
Choose what type of tax code you use.
Tax Number
Enter your tax number. This refers to your IRD number if you are from New Zealand.
Tax Include/Exclude
Decide whether you want to include or exclude tax.
Bank Name
State the name of the bank which you belong to.
Account number
State your account number.
Accepted cards
Choose which cards you are willing to accept (applies when using ResPay module)
Require Credit Card
Turn 'Yes' when using ResPay module
Turn 'No' when not using ResPay module
Disable Credit Card
Turn 'Yes' when not using ResPay module
Turn 'No' when using ResPay module
Agent Commission
Determine the commission percentage paid to the agent
Apply rates to bookings
ResBook V3 feature
Notice Period
ResBook V3 feature
Show financial summary
ResBook V3 feature
Business Number
ResBook V3 feature

Details about deposit taken will be added to the Booking and Payment Policy of the calendar and will also be included in the automated standard emails if using the correct email tag.