ResBook has the ability to integrate with Kounta to allow customers to settle bills through the use of a service.

To connect ResBook, first go to the Kounta website and either Log in or Create an account. If you need any help in relation to the use of Kounta, please proceed to their help desk site here.

Then in a new tab, log into ResBook > Settings > Stock Configurations > Services.

Here you will want to create two new services, one called Kounta Service, and one called Kounta Tips.

Once you have created these services, go back into Kounta, and go to Setting > Payment Types.

Click on "Add a new Payment Type". Call it ResBook, and make sure you click on the "Quick Checkout" and "Require Customer" check boxes. "Clearing Account" is not required.

Once this is completed, go back to ResBook>Settings > Integrations > Kounta.

Click on the "Connect To Kounta" button. This will then bring you to an authorisation screen.

Click on "Grant Access" and then you will be re-directed to ResBook. You will now be able to adjust your Kounta settings within ResBook. 

Ensure that you have set "Default Service" and "Tip Service" to the relevant services you created earlier, and make sure Payment Method is set to the ResBook payment type you also created.

You have now connected ResBook to Kounta. In the next article, we will cover how to charge a booking using Kounta on the following article link:

  • Charging Through Kounta