When you open the new owner statement functionality for the first time, you will notice the “Owner Statement Annual Summary” on the right-hand side of screen.


This allows you to view all the Gross Revenue, the Gross Expenses, Owner Income, and PM Income for the past 12 months, and by clicking the [Previous 12 months] button, you can continue to go back further. If you click the little arrow button next to one of the months, you can see a break down of these numbers by Property.


From here you can send Emails to Owners, send the owner statements to MYOB/Xero, or view each one individually. If you click the arrow button to view the individual property, a normal owner statement is not shown. Instead, you are shown a simplified owner statement breaking down the basic financial details over the month. 


From here, you can send an Email to the Owner, download the Owner Statement as a PDF, or download it as a CSV file.