Cleaning Types and Cleaners should be assigned to the stock units. This set up is crucial for populating the cleaning entries in the Housekeeping calendar:

If this process is skipped, then cleaning will not be generated for the bookings entered in ResBook. 

To assign the default cleaner and cleaning type click on Settings (the gear icon), then select [Stock Configurations], then find [Stock Units], select a specific stock unit and navigate to the [Housekeeping]. 

To set the Default Cleaner, select the drop-down box and select the name. The cleaner will not appear in the drop-down list if it has not been set in the CRM.

Assign the cleaning entries by clicking on the drop-down box. The cleans will only appear in the appropriate drop-down list according to the set up completed previously.

If the stock unit is connected to Airbnb, choose which clean you would like to assign to your Airbnb listing. This will be reflected over on Airbnb, and will show the cost to the guest booking.

Repeat the process for all stock units.

Once the field(s) are correctly assigned for all stock units, any bookings generated in ResBook will populate the cleaning entries in the Housekeeping calendar. Refer to the below table to see the difference in displaying booking information when hovering over a certain part of the booking tab.

Hovering over cell without assigned cleaning for that specific date

Hovering over cell with assigned cleaning type for that specific date