The Online Booking Payments process requires little to no effort by the ResBook user.

When booking online, the guests are directed to the Windcave payments page to enter their credit card details before confirming the booking:

If the property takes full payment or a deposit, the payment will be collected and the booking is submitted to ResBook.

If the property requires credit card details in order to confirm a booking, the credit card is authorised but no money leaves the guest(s) account.

Things to note:

  • Due to Credit Card Security, ResBook is not compliant to store credit card details directly.  Instead, ResBook partners with Windcave which can store this information in a Secure Credit Card Vault. 
  • The 'Guest Books online (Confirmed)' e-mail template is used after the booking is confirmed and credit card details have been submitted. Please ensure your e-mail templates are set up.
  • Refer to Accounting and Financial to set your booking deposit policy at the time of the booking
  • Also, ensure that you capture the "Collect payment details" is ticked under:
    • ResBook > Settings  > System Settings > Booking Forms > Guest Form > (under 'Instant Confirmation', turn on the option for 'Collect payment details')

image 1.1 - Switching on Collect Credit Card Details