This page shows a palette full of coloured squares beside each description which are customisable.

To access this Calendar Customisation page, click on Settings (the gear icon), then select [System Settings] and find [Website Integration]. Once it is open click [Configure The Calendar]

This page will then appear:

To change the colours, simply click on the square next to what you wish to change. A pop-up menu will then appear.


There are two options you can use to choose a colour from the pop-up menu:

1. Use your mouse and click on or drag the little circle around to choose your tone. Click on or drag the arrows up and down the coloured column to reproduce a different colour. Ensure you click [OK] to save the selected colour. 

2. If you wish to have the same colours displayed on your booking calendar as your website, ask your web developers to supply you a list of colour codes used on your website. Use these codes and insert them into the # box.  Ensure you click [OK] to save the colour. 


All colour amendments can be previewed in the previewing box. Once you are happy with the colour selection click [SAVE] to save all the changes and preview the new changes on your website calendar.