The third section under General Information in the Setup Wizard is the Booking Engine. This allows you to install the ResBook booking engine onto your website.

First, identify who your website provider is (Tomahawk or Another Provider).


If your website provider is Tomahawk, your booking engine will be automatically installed for you but may not be set up with your unique ResBook ID. You can confirm this by clicking on any booking button on your website. If you do not see your booking calendar or the calendar placeholder then you'll need to add your ResBook ID into your website CMS. Login to your website CMS and go to Settings. On the General tab, you'll see a field titled "ResBook ID". Simply enter your unique ID as shown above, into this field and press [Save].

There are also two options available to you on the Wizard. Select whether you want bookings to be instantly confirmed and if you want to accept waitlisted bookings. Click [More Info] if you want to find out more:

Instantly Confirmed Bookings
  • When a property is set to instantly confirm bookings coming through from the calendar, the availability of your property will automatically decrease, and a confirmation email will be sent to the guest.
  • If you wish to set this to "Yes" you should have a payment manager ready to connect to the system (DPS or Paypal) to take a deposit or you are happy taking full payment of the booking on the guests arrival without charging them a deposit prior to arrival.
  • If this is set to "No" you may be wanting to vet bookings coming through before confirming them or you may not have a payment manager ready to connect to ResBook so you are planning on managing payment of a deposit prior to arrival through another method before confirming it.

Waitlisted Bookings
  • A waitlisted booking is one where a guest can book the same dates as an existing pending booking you have in place for another guest. Regardless of whether your bookings are on instant confirmation or not, waitlisted bookings are never instantly confirmed.
  • They allow you to take another booking in case the pending booking you already have in place does not become confirmed.
  • Waitlisted bookings cannot be made where you already have a confirmed booking in place.

Other Provider

If your website is being managed by another provider, you can still add the booking engine to your website if you have a CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to edit the source code of content on a page. Using the CMS. edit the page you want the booking engine to appear on with the source code provided by the wizard.

Alternatively, if you want to send the code to your website developer for them to add to your website then fill out the form with your developer's email address and click [Send Email].

Then select whether you want bookings to be instantly confirmed and if you want to accept waitlisted bookings. See the table above for more information.


Make your selections, and then move onto Accounting & Financial.

Watch this short video to find out more information:

Please note: Please ensure that both your website and ResBook are implemented with secured links (https://) to ensure the best performance and safety of your potential guests.