The first part of the General Information Section of the Setup Wizard is the Property Contact Details.

The first four fields are the Name of your property, name of your host, your properties email address, and the properties website address.

Fill these fields in with the relevant information, and then scroll down to the property location. Here you will need to select the Country, Region, City, and Town from the drop-down boxes. Then fill in the address lines with the street address and/or any other specific information needed.

After filling in the property address, you can now enter up too three phone numbers. One for Reservations, one for you main Office/Accounts Department, and one for your Mobile Phone number.

The Reservation Number is for guests to use to get in contact, while the Office/Accounts phone number is for the ResBook team to get in contact with you should we need too. If both these numbers are the same, click on the “Same As Above” checkbox underneath the Office/Account phone number fields. The Mobile phone number is only used for urgent cases when the ResBook team cannot reach your Office/Account number.

Finally, we have the email signature. This will be attached to all outgoing emails that are sent to your guests about their bookings.

Fill this out with what you want the email signature to be.