To merge contacts, start by going to Contacts. Then click on the "Merge" button.

A list of Duplicate Contacts will appear along with the Original Contact.

Here, you can search for contacts by First Name, Last Name or Email.

Search for the contact you would like to merge, and a list will appear of all the duplicate contacts.

Click on the + icon  button to bring up all the Duplicate Contacts.

The "newsletter icon" will allow you to see the Duplicate's Contact Information. The "red bin icon" will allow you to delete the Duplicate Contact as below.

To merge the contacts together, press the "blue arrows icon" button. This will bring up the following pop-up window.

Click on the check boxes of the contact details you would like to merge, and then click the "Merge" button. Finally, click the "Save" button and then "Close".

NOTE: You will only be able to merge contacts if they share the same First Name, Last Name and Email address.