To access the 'Contacts' module use the navigation menu across the top of the ResBook site and select [Contacts]. Then select [Create] as displayed below:

A page like this will then appear:


  • Stores all information on the contact including email, phone number, mobile number, address, and extra comments.
  • Includes Booking history, Email history and Quotes history of the contact.
  • Classifies the contacts into groups.
  • Filters them by classification for easy viewing.
  • Contacts are searchable by first name, last name, email and in alphabetical order related to the last name.
  • Enables certain contacts to be supplied with login details.
  • Certain contacts can have different permissions assigned to their login.
  • Ability to assign contacts directly to your Mailchimp account (if you have this module enabled).

Step 2:

Select the 'Contact Type' which can be classified according to the following:

Contact TypeDescription
OwnersProperty managers can add contact with limited functionality (add a booking, view available dates) and supply them with a username and password.
StaffEvery staff member can be supplied with their own login with a unique username and password.
GuestsThe customer who is staying at your accommodation. The most common type of Contact used in ResBook is Guests.
AgentsAgents that the property deals directly with. It also includes all online third-party travel agents.
CleanersFor the 'Housekeeping' module. Cleaners will need to be created here before they can be assigned to ResBook.