ResBook includes a number of booking statuses to help you manage the booking process. 

Each different booking status has a different effect on your website booking calendar and OTA channels.  OTA Channels can be utilised via ResBook Modules or Channel Managers (ResOnline and SiteMinder) to connect to channel calendars like, Expedia, Agoda, and Airbnb.

Below is a list of the booking types available in ResBook and the effect of the booking status on the Website & Channel calendars.


Booking StatusDescriptionThe effect on ResBook Website CalendarThe effect on OTA Channel Calendars
Booking requirements have been met for a confirmed booking.

No AvailabilityNo Availability
Pending Confirmation
A Manual Booking status that is awaiting confirmation. Displayed as "Pending" on ResBook Website Calendar and "No Availability" on Channels.

Will show as Pending (Booking Requests Allowed)No Availability
New Request
Is a request to book a room only. New booking status does not block out booking Calendar and should be managed into Pending / Confirmed / Cancelled.

Will show as Pending (Booking Requests Allowed)Will show as Available
The Stock Unit availability is closed for a set period of time.
No AvailabilityNo Availability
Temporary Booking 
Bookings that have not been directly saved in your ResBook calendar. They occur when there is interference during the credit card verification process whilst guest(s) make a booking from your website.

Will show as AvailableWill show as Available
Canceled by Payment GatewayTemporary booking that has not been confirmed/canceled within 24 hours from booking time. Applies to DPS module and only when Windcave sends and empty or a successful response to ResBookWill show as Available
Will show as Available
Canceled by Supplier
Booking canceled by anyone other than the guest.

Will show as AvailableWill show as Available
Canceled by Guest
Booking canceled by the guest.

Will show as AvailableWill show as Available

Please note: The effects of the above table are only relevant to setups with a 1 to 1 ratio with OTA channels or setups of stock units that are not in Classifications.