Connecting Airbnb listings to ResBook is also known as mapping

Head over to Airbnb > Listings > ResBook Sync and you'll see a list of all the ResBook entries that have been pushed through that you can map to any existing Airbnb listings. You will have the option of Everything sync or Limited sync. 

ResBook - Airbnb integration gives you the choice of what information you want to send through to Airbnb from ResBook. In Airbnb, select the type of sync you want for each of your listings.

Limited Sync (recommended to existing hosts with listings and reviews)

Limited sync will only send your rates, minimum stays, and availability through to Airbnb. You will then need to manage content, descriptions, and photos for each listing on Airbnb itself.

Note: You will still need to fill out all the minimum requirements in ResBook prior to connecting.

Everything Sync (recommended to new hosts or hosts without existing listings)

Everything sync will send through the following details for each of your listings.

  1. Listing name
  2. Description
  3. Photos
  4. Amenities (Selected number of features)
  5. Rates (Extra Adult rate needs to be configured in Portals > Airbnb)
  6. Minimum stays (required needs to be on in ResBook)
  7. Availability