The Guest Booking Form is used by guests to create Bookings & Booking Requests in ResBook.  (image 1.0) Access for customers is via your website utilising either a dedicated booking calendar page or iframe embedded booking calendar.

The Guest Booking Form is extensive, with a 3-5 step process to help make booking easy. The number of steps is depending on your settings.


  • Separate pages and sections for Booking Details, Services & Add-ons, Guest Information and Payment Gateways.
  • Images and Slideshows for properties/room and add-ons, including support for GIF files.
  • The use of pop-ups and drop-down menus for predefined information.
  • Support for different currencies during bookings, while charging in another.
  • Bed Configurations can be chosen by the customer.
  • Customers have the ability to chose the quantity required and customise guest numbers for each required quantity in conjunction with Classifications.
  • Multiple Payment Gateway options, with the ability to also bypass past payment altogether.
  • Booking summary information, including services booked, bed configurations and booking total. 
  • Progress Tracker allows your client to go back to previous pages at any time with a simple click on the page you want to revisit.

 You can take a walkthrough each of the 5 steps with the Guest Booking Form articles:

image 1.0 - ResBook Guest Booking Form