Classifications (Room Types) are used when you have two or more identical stock units (Inventory).  If you don't already have the Classifications module, it can be added to your ResBook subscription for an additional monthly fee by request. 


To set up a Classification, go to:

ResBook > Settings > Stock Configurations > Classifications

From here, you will be able to do the following:

  • Enter the Classification Title
  • Enter the Description (this will be used for all your Stock unit's description)


You also have the ability to adjust the following:

Unit TypeUnit NameNumbers
Dorm RoomDorm room nameNumber of dorm beds
ActivityActivity nameNumber of people on the activity


Now that you have created a classification, you can add stock units to it. 

To delete a classification, place a tick in the box beside it and click on [Delete Selected] button.

If you are wanting to subscribe to Classifications, please contact with your request.