When you need to open a stock unit which was previously closed, ResBook will allow you to do so. Opening a room will allow the room to be bookable again. 

In order to close a room, you have to go to 'ResBook > Bookings > Open Rooms'. 

First, you need to enter the Closed Room Period which you would like to Open and click [Display]. Below the dates, you will have a list of rooms which are now available to be open. Tick all the Rooms, that you wish to open and click the [Open Rooms button]. 

The last step is to Re-Confirm your decision to open the selected room by selecting one of the below options:

Keep_rooms.pngReturn to your calendar, and you will see that the dates you have selected for the closed room will be opened. 

NOTE: You cannot open a part of the Closed Room Period, only the whole Closed Room Period.