Why is my image not uploading into the file manager?

  • This could be caused by your image being too large. Please check the file size is under 1MB before uploading your images into the file manager.

Guides for optimizing images on Windows or Mac


  • Ensure the image is in JPG format and your files are PDFs. The file manager may not recognise other file types, or it may import other file types, but they will not be accessible via the website.


Why is my image not showing in the content / slideshow / gallery?

  • Please remove special characters from the file name of your image -  ()!@#$%^& 

  • Please ensure the file name says jpg and not jpeg. 

Why is my image very large and stretched, on the front end of the website

When you add an image into the content section of a page, it is very important to remove the width and height dimensions from the image, so it can resize to different screen sizes. To do this, go into the image properties by right clicking on the image in the content box (in the CMS). On the left hand side, delete the width and height numbers.

If you do not remove the width and height, the image becomes skewed if it is too large, e.g.: