Quicklinks are an easy way to display pages with an image and description, underneath the content of a page. This allows a better flow for web-users, so they can scroll down a page, and then easily click quicklinks to go to other pages on the website.

To add a quicklink to a page (e.g. The Homepage), we must first fill in the quicklink information on the page we'd like to be featured as a quicklink on the homepage (e.g. On the Homepage, you'd like to have a quicklink to your accommodation page)

To do this, go to the Pages Module, and click into your Accommodation page (the page you'd like to be featured as a quicklink on your homepage)

Go across the tabs at the top to the 'Quicklink Details/info' tab

Fill in the fields for the quicklink and then click save

Now we need to add it as a quicklink to the homepage, so click into your homepage

Go across the tabs at the top to the 'Choose Quicklinks' tab

Tick the quicklink (e.g. accommodation) so it shows on the frontend

NB - on some websites, there is a module tab - this allows you to activate different modules on this page (e.g. The contact page will have the contact form module activated). If quicklinks are listed in the module, you must make sure you add a number next to it and click save (the number represents the ranking, if you have multiple modules activated).

Click save, and check the front end to make sure it is working.