1. Go into your Pages module, and click on the page you would like the border added to

  2. Click into the content section, or create a new content section by adding new row with 1-4 columns

  3. Click the table icon in the toolbar which appears

  4. Choose the number of Rows and Columns you would like - if you want all text to sit together with a border, then add 1 Rows and 1 Columns

  5. You may also like to increase the Border Size (4 makes a nice bold border)

  6. You may like to align your table to the center by clicking the dropdown under 'Alignment'

  7. In the advanced section you can update the Style to width:100% if you would like the border to fill the whole content box, rather than being 500px size (or add your custom width)

  8. Click OK, and the border will appear in the content box.

  9. You can now click inside the box and start typing your content into it.