Here is a step by step guide to connecting your ResBook account with Ensure your browser's pop up blocker is disabled before setup.


Outlined below are the steps you must follow to connect to

Step 1. Inform us that you wish to use the connection. This is a chargeable service. We will activate it for your account once we receive your request for it. Email us at 

Step 2. Select ResBook as the channel manager for your listing within your extranet. To know more refer to the help section in your extranet or contact your account manager at

  1. Generate a request to use ResBook as your channel manager from your extranet
  2. We will receive this request and accept it
  3. You will be informed by and will have to confirm the connection request
  4. Next step is to link the listing to your stock unit within ResBook, see step 3 for the process. 

Step 3. Connect your listing to a stock unit or classification within ResBook. Here's how:

Please note: You will need your hotel ID handy for the unit you wish to connect. You will find this in your extranet.

To connect, go to Settings in ResBook (the gear icon), then select [Portals] and find [].

2. Switch the connection to 'Active'

3a. Single property users (Hotels, Motels, B&Bs): leave 'Property manager' option off and enter a single Hotel ID at the top.

3b. Property Managers: Switch the 'Property Manager' option to Yes for independent hotel IDs for each property.

4. Enter your single Hotel ID at the top or individual ones for property managers and then click 'Fetch Packages'.

5. This will open the following popup will open up, confirm this is the correct listing and correct rate package (Usually 'Standard rate') and flick the switch to 'On' and then click insert, this will add the room id and the package id against the stock unit.

6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click save to save all settings so far. Then click on the Update button and select Rates to update rates to Repeat process for minimum stays and then for availability. Once all three updates are done, wait for a few minutes and then check the listing on to ensure correct sync.

Please note: Always update rates, minimum stays and then availability in this order. Always check your listing before making it live on Rates and Minimum stays are not updated automatically, therefore you will need to repeat Step 3.6 every time after you change your rates or minimum stays.

The specials are not supported in the channel integrations and will not be fed through to the channels or channel manager from ResBook. This is meant for direct website bookings only. 

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