• Login to your website CMS by using the Login and Password provided to you 
  • When logged in, scroll the left sidebar until you see Advanced
  • Click on "Highlights"
  • The highlights module sits on the homepage and displays your three points of difference. Just be aware that with highlights you are only limited to three highlights.
  • To create a new highlight you will click new and fill out the following: 
    1. Fill in a CMS name, remember this is the name label only for the backend of the website. 
    2. Add your short description, which would be around 1-2 sentences, 
    3. Make sure to add an image from your file manager, by clicking “browse” and don’t forget to add the alternative text for the image which is just a few keywords of the image.
  • Once completed click save and remember to publish.
  • FYI: If you go to settings in your hihlights module here: 
  •  You are able to change the wording for the heading of your highlights that appears here on the front end: 
    Please also refer to our recording of "Creating Highlights" below: