• The partnership logo module is where you display your partnership logos that run along the bottom of your pages just above the footer menu as shown below: 
  • To add a new partnership logo we go to the "Partnership logo" module which is located under "Advanced" 
  • Once you have opened the partnership logo module, you will see the list of existing Partnership logos (if you have created any)
  • You can either click on an existing partnership logo to edit it or click "+ New" button to create a new one
  • Fill in the partners name,Then if you haven’t already done so, google the partners logo and upload it to your file manager on the CMS so when you click browse you can upload it here.
  •  Remember to add the alternative text, something as simple as “partners name | logo | then maybe your business name”. 
  • Then the last field is optional, I would recommend not filling the URL field in. This is because by adding the URL, it means that visitors to your site can click on the logo and it will take them to your partners website and take them off of your website, so not always the best to include the URL, but again is optional. 
  • Then you just click save and publish it.

Please also refer to our recording of "Adding partners to your website" below: