To keep up to date with Notifications and Announcements click on the little bell icon under the Calendar button. You will see that as your account gathers messages a little red dot with a number count will appear here letting you know how many unread messages you have. The messaging center is available throughout ResBook so you can stay up to date with the latest updates no matter what you are doing within the system.


The first tab you will be presented with when opening the messaging center is the notifications tab. 

It provides notifications on all the major automated events within ResBook such as:

  • New bookings from your website, directly connected channels and channel managers.
  • Amendments from your directly connected channels and channel managers.
  • Cancellations from guests through ResBook as well as through channels and channel managers.
  • New payments or authorizations that ResBook handles when connected with Paypal or Windcave.

You can tell you have some unread items and what they are in a few ways, Firstly, you will see a red dot above the title "Notifications" with the number of unread notifications counted up for you. Also items in the list will have a little red dot above the ResBook logo, the background will be slightly gray and if you place your mouse over it you will see a little "mark as read" link pop up, allowing you to mark the notification as read without entering it.

When clicking into a notification you will be presented with the relevant booking information with an option to view the booking in our regular pop up fashion. Payment notifications will also contain the details of the payment that was made.


The second tab that you can navigate to is named announcements. This is where you will get regular updates and news from the ResBook team as well as our digital agency Tomahawk. We will be posting announcements on industry news, invites to webinars, product updates, release notes and much more... One of the unique bonuses you get when signing up to ResBook is that there is a team at your disposal for all things digital marketing and website development as well. These work along the same lines as notifications. You will see the same unread count, unread features and you can click into each one.

A few differences are:

  • Tags for categorizing what type of announcement it is e.g. Product Updates, News, Release Notes, etc.
  • Video icon if the announcement contains a video.
  • Video button within the announcement so you can watch it directly from ResBook


  • The ability to "Mark all as read" for both notifications and announcement tabs.
  • Clicking on the "feedback" link at the top will direct you to our feature request voting page where you can vote on amazing new features such as this one.