ResBook users who have Airbnb connected to their accounts will now be able to make rate adjustments within ResBook, without having to modify their existing rates on ResBook. 

Go to Settings > Portals > Airbnb

You will notice that a Rate Adjustment field has been added to each listed stock unit that is connected to Airbnb. 

Enter a percentage you wish to adjust your rates by for that property. This will alter the rate for that stock unit on Airbnb.

Valuable Information

  • The percentage value can be different per listing.
  • The percentage value can be positive or negative.
  • Once you enter the value on the screen, ResBook will apply it to your rates and notify Airbnb of the change.
  • You need to have your ResBook account connected to Airbnb and the listing pushed up, before the ability to enter the percentage value is provided to you.

Please Note: All rates will be in whole numbers, so for example, if after rate adjustment, the rate of a stock unit comes to a number with a decimal place, it will be rounded to the next whole number. (e.g. $265.75 will become $266).