Before you push your Stock Units to Airbnb, you need to make sure that your Stock Units have all the necessary information that Airbnb requires. Please keep in mind, all of the Airbnb content, including descriptions and pictures, has to be set up on ResBook first. The content will be pulled from the information you have entered in ResBook. See below for how to optimize your content for Airbnb: 

In ResBook (Steps 2 - 6)

Step 2) Setting up rooms/content in ResBook 

A. Accommodation type

This can be set up under ResBook > Settings > Stock Configuration > select a Stock unit > Type

The information entered here will be displayed on your Airbnb listing so it needs to be carefully completed with relevant information.  

B. Email Address

This can be set up under Settings > System Settings > Address and Contact

Ensure the email listed under “Address and Contact” is the same as the one you’ll use for your Airbnb account. 

C. Stock unit details - Minimum Requirements

D. Check in/Check out

This can be set up under Settings > System Settings > General Settings 

Note, Airbnb does not support setting half-hour intervals for Check In / Check Out times. If you select a time slot that is on the half hour it will be rounded up or down by Airbnb. 


Step 3) Setting up Rate Plans

Adult Extra Rates and Child Extra rates are not supported at this stage. For further information on how to set up rates click here

Go to ResBook > Settings > Stock Configurations > Rates  


Step 4) Setting up Security Deposit  

For further information on how to set up the Security Deposit click here


Step 5) Setting up Cleaning Fee (Housekeeping module needs to be part of your subscription)

To add a cleaning fee, head to the “Housekeeping” button in the top menu bar, click on “Cleaning” in the drop-down box and follow the steps in the 2 Articles below.

Add a Cleaning Service as a "New Stay"  and Assign it to the Stock Unit


Step 6) Push listings through to Airbnb 

Go to ResBook > Settings > Portals > Airbnb

  • Turn the connection On
  • Fill out the Account No.
  • Select your Airbnb cancellation policy
  • Assign Airbnb Agent (Optional, For further information on how to create an Agent click here)
  • Select the Stock unit that you wish to push to Airbnb (one at a time) and click Force update
  • Wait for an Email from Airbnb that your listings have been approved. This process can take up to 72 hours