Date of Release: 29/10/2015

Refresh your browser (CTRL + F5) for the changes to take effect in Services.

Go to  > Stock Configurations > Services > Select the Service > Click on [Settings] tab > Tick Hide on Invoices.

The Booking summary will enlist Accommodation total and Service amount separately.

However, the invoice will no longer show the service, but it will be added to the Booking amount in the Invoice:

Note: If this setting is switched on for the service, then both buttons [Import Booking Entry] and [Import Services Entry] are evidently the same, and will update the accommodation total to reflect the invoice.

You are not required to update anything if you wish to have invoices showing an itemised report of the services purchased by the guest.

For an Agent booking, the invoice will display the full amount of the booking (including the hidden service) less commission rate.