Manual Entry Bookings

a) Customers provide their credit card details over phone/e-mail

This is a more hands-on process and requires some inputs by the ResBook user to ensure that all details entered are correct.

Steps to charge credit cards before guests' arrival are provided:

  1. Ensure that you have all credit card details, including the 3-digit CVV or CVC code.
  2. Enter the booking in ResBook. This generates the Booking ID.
  3. Click on ResPay.

         4. Load in the Booking ID. Enter in the credit card details.

      5. DPS payment window will $1.00 charge. It is just an authorization - a charge will not be made to it but the card details will be saved in ResBook.

    6. Enter in the credit card details and click Submit.

    7. Payments page will load up with the booking name and stated amount.

   8. When charging a deposit, adjust the amount accordingly before you [PROCESS] payment.

   9. Transaction is approved and the amount is charged.

 10. Payment Confirmation (ResPay) E-mail is sent to the guest to confirm payment taken.

b) Customers do not wish to provide their credit card details over the phone or e-mail

Users can send a payment request link from ResBook to their guests instead of asking for the credit card details.

  1. Enter the booking in ResBook. This generates the Booking ID.
  2. Click on the [Payment Request] link in the top right hand corner of the booking.
  3. Enter in the amount to charge the guest.
  4. ResBook auto-generates a secure payment link and allows the user to edit the e-mail before sending to the guest. Click [SEND EMAIL].

The guest receives this e-mail and can click on the link to enter in their credit card details and make a payment.

Please note that the payment request link cannot be used to authorise the credit card.