ResBook has the ability to automatically send out Pre Arrival emails to your confirmed guests. This email template allows you to choose the number of days prior to arrival you want your email to be sent automatically.

These emails will be sent between 1-am and 5-am NZST (GMT+12). You can access the Automated Pre Arrival email template by going to:

ResBook > Settings > System Settings > Email Templates > select (Pre Arrival)


  • Ensure that Email Automation is turned on, then enter the number of days prior to arrival you would like your email sent.
  • Edit your Pre Arrival email with the content you want your guests to receive.

If you are not wanting the emails to be sent automatically, ensure that the "Email Automation" is switched to the "Off" position. 

At any time you will be able to send the Pre Arrival manually from Confirmed Bookings by using the "Send Email" button on the Manual Booking Page.

Note: This email will be only sent if your Email templates are activated.