Adding Rates

All rates added in ResBook will be reflected in the online website calendar.

For your guests to know the rates of your rooms/properties, rates should be updated one and a half years ahead of time. If no rates are present, the guest that books online can only make an inquiry and not an instantly confirmed booking.


Step 1

Go to : ResBook > Settings  > Stock Configurations > Rates > Select the Classification or Stock Unit > Click on [New Rate Period]:

Step 2

  • Enter the Beginning and End date
  • Choose the Unit rate or Single/Double/Triple occupancy rates
  • Add in Extra Adult and /or Child rate if applicable.
  • Freeform text field (under construction)
  • Click on [Save Rate Period]

All rate periods entered will appear on your website calendar, readily available for guests to make a booking online.

To modify or view your rate period once again, click on the [Beginning] or [End] date of the rate period for that particular stock unit.


Important Notes to consider:

  • Please note that all stock units under a Classification adhere to only one rate.
  • Rates entered in ResBook lasts for a period of time as indicated by the 'Begin' and 'End' date. This means that once you have set up a rate period, the dates cannot overlap each other as it can produce confusion in the ResBook calendar.
  • 'Child rate is a multiplier of age' allows you to set a price based on the age of a child. This is incremental based on the child's age. This is dependent upon the settings done in Property Description
  • For more information about the 'Pay in Full discount available with this rate' beneath the 'Freeform' textbox, visit Creating Specials.
  • When linking rates to Channel/Channel Managers, the rate sent by ResBook is based on 2-PAX (2 adults) so will send the unit or double rate.