Cronofy is a calendar integration app that allows you to connect your ResBook account to a personal calendar of your choice such as Google calendar, iCloud, MS Exchange, Office 365 or Outlook.

A further sync between your personal calendar and either Airbnb, Holiday Houses, Book-a-bach or allows you to automatically update these calendars with bookings from ResBook.

You can connect your ResBook account to Cronofy in easy steps. Here's how:

1. Proceed to Cronofy ( and click on "Create my account" under the Try the Cronofy API heading.

2. Create a Cronofy account (you can do this with an existing Gmail or Apple ID or start fresh)

3. Authorise Cronofy to access your ResBook calendar under Settings > System settings > Cronofy

a. Click on 'Connect to Cronofy'

b. Select a calendar you use (apple, google etc.)

c. Click 'Allow'

d. Against a stock unit you wish to connect to your calendar, click on Map > Add Calendar and select from your personal calendar which will now be visible


e. Repeat for every calendar (you can create a separate calendar for every stock unit)

4. Check the connected calendar to confirm connection and transfer of booking information


NOTE: ResBook will only synchronise bookings when saved.  If you have existing bookings in ResBook, you will need to save each existing booking for initial synchronisation. 


Syncing your personal Calendar with selected channels:

Once you connect ResBook to your calendar, you can follow the instruction provided by your channel:

Follow these instructions to complete the connection with Airbnb.