Here you can create your rate plans for your different room types.

Click on the drop-down menu and select the room you want to create rates for. A calendar will appear for the next 12 months on screen.

Select a date on the calendar, and a pop-up will appear on screen or click on the “Create new Rate Plan” button.

Start by selecting your date range of the rate plan, then select if you want to create a rate for the room as a whole, or per guest in the room. Then select if you want the Pay in Full discount to apply to this rate.

After this, create the nightly rate, and set the maximum guests at this rate. Then add in the Extra Adult Rate and the Extra Child Rate. Finally, add in any inclusions with this rate plan, and then click “Save Rate Plan”. You will be taken back to the calendar. The date range of your created rate plan will now be highlighted with the price included in the calendar.

You can now go and make a new rate plan for a different date range or room, edit existing rate plans, or delete rate plans. To edit, click on one of the dates inside a rate plan and edit accordingly. To delete a rate plan, click on one of the dates inside a rate plan and then click on the “Delete Rate Plan” button.

Once you have finished, you can now move onto Restrictions.

Important Note for advanced ResBook users: The Setup Wizard rate plan tab does not currently support services or specials. If you have these functions set up, they may be impacted by using the wizard to manage rates.