ResBook is not only able to send Emails to your guests with their booking information, but you can also send SMS messages to them.  

In order to activate SMS messages within ResBook, you will need to have or create an SMS Global account.  If you wanting to set up SMS messaging go to:

NOTE: There is a charge for each message sent.  Charges/Plans are handled by SMS Global.


Sending an SMS

  1. Open a Booking (Manual Booking Form) and scroll down to the bottom. (image 1.0).
  2. Click on the "Send SMS" button, and select the SMS Template you wish to use.
  3. Once you have selected your chosen template, the editing screen will appear to allow you to customise changes before sending the SMS. 

image 1.0 - Send SMS button on the Manual Booking Form


The mobile number will automatically populate from the contact details in the booking, but for it to work you will need to ensure the number is in the correct format with no spaces.

If the number has populated incorrectly, you will need to correct.  For future use, correcting the contact details will solve this issue.

When entering the phone number in the "SMS To" field, ensure that you put the relevant country code in front, and then enter the number without any spaces, E.g. 641234567.

    4. Click the "Send SMS" button and your guest will receive the SMS message, and you will receive an email confirming that the SMS was sent. (image 1.1)

image 1.1 - SMS sending page