Users who are still using Internet Explorer 11 or older may experience various issues with ResBook as they continue to use it. Microsoft has ceased releasing updates for older versions of Internet Explorer, and Internet Explorer 11 is now only receiving Security updates for the foreseeable future.

If you are experiencing issues with your ResBook experience on Internet Explorer, we highly recommend that you move to one of the three following browsers. Each of these browsers is industry leading browsers with support for the latest in Web Development technologies.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a free browser built by Google and is available on Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android. It currently is the most used browser in the world with over 56% of market share across all platforms and the success of the product has to lead to a whole line of products under the "Chrome" name including the ChromeBook and the ChromeCast.

It contains integration with your Google account, and the ability to sync your browsing data with your Desktop and Mobile devices.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free browser built by the Mozilla Corporation and is available on Microsoft, Mac and Linux. There is also an Android and iOS version available for download. Firefox currently sits second in market share behind Chrome. Firefox is less intensive on system resources than Chrome, so if you are running a machine with limited RAM, Firefox is an attractive option over Chrome.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is Windows 10's new built-in browser designed to replace Internet Explorer. It is free with all versions of Windows 10, and is also available on iOS and Android. Microsoft Edge boasts better performance than Internet Explorer and support for current and future Web Development tools. If you already have Windows 10, then the browser is ready to go, however, for users running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, Edge is unavailable to you until you upgrade to Windows 10.