All bookings and invoices that are generated for a particular Agent are now recorded as a statement next to their Contact details.

For users to successfully generate an Agent statement with all information displayed, the following three (3) actions must come first:

1. The Contact created in the CRM must be assigned as an Agent along with the commission rate.

2. The Agent will need to be assigned to the booking under the 'Agent' tab.

3. An invoice is raised from the booking.

To view these Agent statements, select Contacts and click on [+ Contact] button:

Filter by Agent or Search for the Agent name in the search bar. Click on [Statement].

Choose your dates and click [DISPLAY] to show all bookings assigned to the Agent.

Users have the choice of deciding the order of how Agent Statements are displayed. This can be sorted alphabetically, by Booking ID number, Arrival or Departure dates.

Users will also be able to export Agent Statements to either CSV format or a PDF format depending on your preference.


  • Windows 10 users and Excel 2016 users will need to adjust the following settings in order to view CSV files correctly. Go to the following page to find out how to make these changes:
  • Agent statements will take rates directly from the booking as a default. This will apply to the booking total, net total, balance due, and payments received. However, if a booking has had an invoiced raised, then the agent statement for that booking will take from the invoice rather than the booking.

    Changes in rates will then change. In the booking by default, housekeeping and utilities are not added to the booking. However, in the invoice, this is added. Also in the invoice, the agent commission is already subtracted from the booking total, to which then housekeeping and utilities will be added after that to give a new booking total. Any payments that have been made, or get made after an invoice for a booking has been raised, will then subtract from the new booking total.

    Previously, payments made would have been subtracted from the net total.