For ResBook to connect effectively with BookIt, we provide a check-list for you to go over. This is in numerical order and each step will need to be completed before you move on to the next:

  • Have I set up my BookIt account to ResBook Channel manager? If no, log into BookIt > Click Inventory > Click on Availability in the dropdown box > Click Continue.

  • Have I entered my BookIt Username, Password and Business Code correctly?
  • Have I set 'Portal to Active' as yes?
  • Click on Save changes.

  • Do I have a list of BookIt product codes? If no, log into BookIt > Inventory > Click Download codes.

  • Have I filled in all the BookIt product codes?
  • Have all the rooms that I want to connect to ResBook been ticked on the left?
  • Save changes and then click [Update rates on BookIt now]

Remember that it will take overnight to for the connection to be established before inventory and rates will start synchronizing in real-time.

If syncing issues persist, please contact