Step-by-step guide

Login to the CMS, and go to General Pages, and click the page you would like to add the image e.g. Home Page

Add a new content row. The image will resize to the column size, so if you would like a smaller image with content adjacent, create two columns. If you want 3 or 4 images at the bottom of a page, or to break up content, select the 3 or 4 column option 

Click into the content box, and select the image icon on the toolbar

A new Image Properties window will open that allows you to select the image and place it into the content area.

Click the Browse Server button to locate the image in your website library and a new file manager window will open allowing you to locate and select the image.

In the File Manager window, locate the image you want to place on the page and double-click to select it.

The width and height of the image will be automatically added to their respective fields on this window.

Please delete both of these entries. This allows your CMS to manage the width of images in a responsive nature on various devices.


Step 4 Click OK and the image will be inserted into the content area you are editing. Remember to save the page, and check the front end, to see how it looks!