Here are the steps to add a new PDF to your website

Step-by-step guide

Login to the CMS and go to General Pages

Go into the page you would like your new menu to be listed and type in the appropriate label (E.g. Breakfast Menu)

Highlight the text you would like to be linked to the PDF, and click the link icon in your toolbar


A link box will pop-up. Click the 'Browse Server' button, which will take you into your File Manager (the file manager should have all your images and files on there)

Double click on the file you require

If your file has not yet been uploaded into the filemanager, you can add this now, by clicking the icon that looks like a floppy disk with a green plus sign

This opens up your computer documents, and you can select the required document and click open to import it into the file manager.

When it is in the File Manager, double click it, and it will be added as a link

In the Link box, press OK

Now go up to the top of the page, and click Save

Please check the front end, that your PDF link works.